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3 Boxes Strong Lida Daidaihua

3 Boxes Strong Lida Daidaihua
3 Boxes Strong Lida Daidaihua

Price:   $69.90

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Fat Burning and Toxin Expelling, For Both Men & Women!
Reduce Weight Easily with 100% Natural Slimming Product! 256-bit SSL Encryption Protection, Lose Nothing but Weight!
Lida Strong Version, based on original Lida, have added 20% more ingredients to make the effect stronger, it is soft gel in bottle

Lida Daidiahua, adopts kinds of effective ingredients, is a excellent slimming product that gain high reputation from all over the world, it can naturally determines the extra fat in your body and won’t give you any side effects, Take only 1 capsule a day to lose 20 pounds or more in just 1 month! Shape your body and improve your overall health with Lida Daidaihua, Suitable for both men and women!

DaiDaihua Extract, Job's-tears, Cassia Seed, Mulberry Leaf Extract

Daidaihua, also known as bitter orange, green orange, sour orange, or Seville orange, is a traditional Chinese medicine, increases the body's resting metabolic rate and encourages the release of stored fat for energy production, it increase thermogenesis without stimulating the central nervous system, thus it encourages the body to burn calories at a faster rate without creating a feeling of nervousness or jitters

Increases metabolism and calorie expenditure
Promotes weight loss and accelerates removal of unwanted fat stores
Increases energy and physical performance
Works as an appetite suppressant
Stimulates gastrointestinal functions

Tips to Speed Weight Loss
1. Take one capsule in the morning before breakfast with a 8oz worm water,
2. Don’t skip meal even if you don’t have much appetite, always eat healthy diet
3. Far away from alcohol, coffee, tea and food with an excess salt content
4. Do not exceed recommended daily intake. Drink a lot of water and combine some exercise.

[Specification] 30 capsules/Bottle, Each Pill is Laser Marked with “LD”
[Dosage] 1 time/day, 1 capsule/time before breakfast
[Storage] Store in cool (room temperature), dry and dark condition
[Precaution] Not applicable for pregnant woman and patients of cordis-vasal disease, apoplexy etc.

by lorraine Rivera
Sorry to be the person with bad news. There is no magic pill for weight loss "YOU HAVE TO PUT FORTH AN EFFORT" eat right, exercise often and love hard. Good Luck!!! Anyway , this is definitely a helper .

by Mayra Paus
Even though there aren't any documented side effects nor have I experienced any, I would urge anyone interested in taking this great product to start slow since every body is different, our daughter had issues. I love them, wouldn't ever use a caffeine filled fat burning pill as I have had issues with any I have tried, Hi i am about to start the pill i am a size 14 and will like to go a size down, i have a fat chubby face, what version should i order and how many will do, and what happens when i get to the size i want

by Manvel odonnell
I would go for a run and realize last time i could only run 1.5 miles without stopping, and this time i looked at my phone running app and im at 2.5 miles and i wasn’t ready to stop yet! Lida Daidaihua is certainly give me more energy, I can do my work and working out easier, I will order more next time.

by Stan Jenkins
For almost two weeks now. the Lida get me start to lose weight again. I have tried this last year, but use this to lose weight this year. I have taken this for 3 months already, it works great as it did before, I shared it with my friend. And she likes it too. She want s to order another 3 boxes. We both satisfied with it.

by Liliana Figueroa
I have been on it for 20 days now and very glad that it is working. I have been on a diet before that cost me a lot of money and was always starving. I have lost 6 lbs. so far and don't want to stop now. I am supposed to take the antibiotic for one week two times a day then I will be done the medicine. Hope it works better in the future

by Lidia Napier
With so many conflicting messages about LIDA as one of the best weight loss formulas availabletoday, but for me, this one is good product, I taken this for 2 months already. And I lost 11lbs , they may work slow but steady. I like this feeling.

by zohra Nese
Lida is very effective and, I can feel the energy level increased fast. I was pleased by this feeling. I will take it for a longer time. When I need energy I ll take this pill. this lida works for me all the time. And my appetite has been curbed after taking the pill. they are really good.

by Jazmin Perez
I have lost 2 lbs with no change to my regular bad habits of no exercise, I'm not sure if this is normal, but I have noticed a decrease in my appetite as well as my cravings for sweets. It's awesome! i like it.

by ali pozo
I take this faithfully every day. I take one capsule with water every morning. The energy boost I get is a nice way to start the day. So far I've lost 20 pounds.

by JEAN Mejia
I liked the product originally because I saw results and now I like the company as well because of the wonderful customer service experience . I've purchased another three boxes , and I'm going to combine the exercise together this daily supplement to hopefully make a better results.

by Eve Stanley
I have been using Lida Daidaihua approximately 3 weeks and have noticed that I lost, without doing any additional work out routine, 4 pounds! They have not caused any adverse reactions or cause me to feel jittery.

by Donna Evans
I have recently been taking the Lida Daidaihua and appetite is greatly reduced , Besides , it always arrives promptly. I would recommend the pills to anyone with the caveat that two a day does have an impact. Great product!

by Parichat Mukwevho
I received order today that you so much love your product lost 10 pounds in 5 weeks and no exercise recommend it to everyone thanks again.

by Shari Arredondo
Fortunately, I've seen some results with the Strong Lida Daidaihua and I'm going to need a 2nd box soon. Hopefully my results keep at this pace and don't plateau, I've still got 22lbs until I'm at my target weight.